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Many of our readers ask us frequently: what makes a good casino review? What makes it so that some reviews can be trusted and some others can’t? We will try to give you a few tips which will help you recognize quality casino reviews which you can trust.

First, when you read the review for the first time, you have to assess if the writer really and candidly tried to play at that casino. Is this a first-person experience? How long did he spend on that casino site? Of course, the longer the stay, the most valuable information that review might contain.

But that’s not all. The reviewer must necessarily be an experienced gambler with many years behind him gambling at online casinos. How could he possibly be able to give you trusted information about, say, casino payment methods, if he never tried to deposit real money in a casino account? Be sure to see that he tried several payments and that his report is clear about all hassles and advantages of each.</p> <p>One major question is: is he knowledgeable about the games? Does he know most versions of the casino games? How many of them did he test? How hands-on are his own conclusions and how useful are they for the regular player and for yourself?

As you see, reading a casino review can be more challenging than writing it. Be prepared…